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Waterloo State Recreation Area may allow strip mining


Photo of Waterloo State Recreation Area courtesy Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

The Waterloo State Recreation Area, in Chelsea, Michigan, may be the newest site for strip mining, also known as surface mining. If the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Environment (DNRE) has their way, 72 acres of beautiful, forested and wildlife filled land will be razed.

According to the article , “State might allow mining in the Waterloo Recreation Area“, from Michigan Radio, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Environment wants to allow sand and gravel mining on 72 acres in the largest park in the lower peninsula – the Waterloo Recreation Area, west of Ann Arbor.

In the article, Ron Olson, Chief of Recreation for the DNRE, says the DNRE would lease the 72 acres of parkland to Aggregate Industries and in exchange, the state would get a 324 acre parcel that the mining company no longer has a use for (and has already wiped out).

Gee, what a deal! In my opinion this sounds like a deal supported by biologists who are not looking out for the best interests of the hard working citizens of Michigan and our treasured natural resources and recreational public lands.

The company would have to restore the former 324-acre gravel pit for recreational use. Olson says, “basically, the slopes would be smoothed out to make the abruptness of gravel mining more blended into the landscape, making an area where native vegetation can grow.” Can you imagine???

People Opposing the Mining
“I see very ugly flatland. There is no one who lives in this area who thinks it’s an equal exchange,” Rachelle Mann said in the article, looking over the current mining operation.

I agree with Rachelle. Fortunately a number of people who own homes in the Waterloo Recreation Area have written letters to the DNRE, according to the article.

Rachelle Mann says there’s something else that bothers her…View the article to find out.

Learn More
Waterloo Recreation Area – Aggregate Industries Land Transaction

Click here to view the public notice for this land transaction (PDF)

Public Comments (PDF)

Take Action
The DNRE is accepting public comments until March 15th
. Please direct questions and/or comments to Paul Yauk, Land Programs Manager, DNRE Recreation Division, P.O. Box 30257, Lansing, Michigan 48909 or by e-mail to
Phone: (517)335-4824.

Spread the Word
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