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Carl and Jean at Colasanti’s


Carl and Jeanr1


We want to thank Mary and her mom Elaine for setting up the book signing at Casa De Amici of Colasant’s. The flowers in the greenhouse at Colasant’ look great! Ken Snook and his crew are doing a wonderful job. We had lobster bisque for lunch that was to die for!



Carl and Jean Booksigning May 4 at Colasantis

meet the authors


Carl and Jean celebrate March is Reading Month by donating books to Michigan schools

Jean Stoick, Senator Mike Kowall and Carl Sams

There’s a pirate in the woods — and in elementary schools across Michigan! Carl R. Sams II and Jean Stoick, publishers of the New York Times best-selling In the Woods series, are donating 2,000 copies of A Pirate’s Quest (for his family heirloom peg leg) to Michigan schools.

“We feel that blending gentle lessons of nature with a pirate is a fun way to celebrate the Michigan tradition March is Reading Month,” Sams said. “We are thankful for Senator Mike Kowall and his staff for orchestrating the distribution of the books to the schools.”

“Teaching kids about nature and an appreciation of books is important to us,” Carl Sams said. “Our pirate travels through many different ecosystems along his way to find his peg. Our goal was to show children how water connects life around the world.”


New children’s book “I Am Africa” will be released in mid March 2014

I Am Africa

Jeannie and I are going to press this week to judge the color on our new book  ”I Am Africa”.  Last January and February Jeannie and I spent three weeks in Kenya.  We took over 40,000 images and had the time of our lives. We have been working on the book  ”I Am Africa”  for the last eight months.   Anyone who loves animals or dreams of going to Africa will find this book a delight! ”I Am Africa” will be released in mid-March!!!  We have had a lot of interest in this book. Contact us to secure your first edition copy today!


“Stranger in the Woods” meets the Turkeys


1/400 sec at f/16, iso 1600, 200mm (70-200 series ii canon lense)  with Canon 5d mark iii

I was photographing turkeys feeding this morning by the”Stranger in the Woods” snowman who had suddenly appeared in my backyard over night.The turkeys were not doing anything too exciting when my cell phone rang.   I had a devil of a time retrieving it from my blue jeans under my snowmobile suit.It was the snow removal person who was in the immediate area asking me if I wanted my drive plowed…even though there was not much snow I said yes knowing from past experience it would set the turkeys off calling and displaying.  Sure enough as soon as they heard the scraping blade they displayed and gobbled away!!!


1/1600sec atf/5.6,ISO800,560mm(EF200-400f/4

1/1600sec at f5.6, ISO800, 560mm (EF200-400f/4)

The Stranger is back.  I woke up this morning to find that the Stranger in the Woods had appeared in the backyard.  Above was my Valentine picture of the Day!


Mitten Munchies

Chickadee eating seeds from Grandma's glove.

New Holiday Card for 2014

This is our new Christmas card for 2014. Pumpernickel Press told us that it is already their #1 selling card for 2014. You may want to order this one early as we tend to sell out early in the season.  It is one of my favorite cards ever! There is amazing detail in the embossed chickadee and I love the raised snowflakes . . . and of course the chickadee is one of my favorite birds!!!!


Cedar Waxwing in Frosted Branches

Cedar Waxwing in Frosted Branches

Cedar Waxwing in Frosted Branches
1/500th second, F8, with 200-400 F4 Canon with built-in 1.4 plus additional 1.4, 784 mm.

This picture was taken this morning at -5 degrees. The cedar waxwings were feeding on the last few apples hanging from this snowdrift crabapple tree.



“Loons On Golden Pond”

Jeannie and I spent five summers photographing the common loon. We photographed from floating blinds, poke boats and canoes.

In the book we share some of our favorite experiences and stories of our time with the sprit of our northern lakes.

Our new book “Loons In The Mist” is now available at  It is 64 pages of beautiful

color images and is priced at $14.95

Golden-Pond-Loonsr13 jpeg

A image from our new gift book “Loons in the Mist”



Snowball, An Albino White-tailed Deer

Snowball, An Albino White-tailed Deer and his family

The picture of this Albino Deer with his family I took last winter.